About Julia

Julia Chalfin
(Photo by Christoph Chalfin)

Passion for music and for teaching

I grew up studying music, dance and theater in northeastern USA. I have a bachelor’s (Skidmore College) and master’s degree (Ithaca College) as well as postgratuate studies (Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium) in classical singing. I also have completed an advanced teacher training diploma in early childhood music education (Freies Musikzentrum München).

Since 2008 I have been teaching music education in Munich both in English and in German. Now, a mother myself, I want to help other parents experience the awe and excitement of music and movement through their children’s eyes.

Join me for a Music and Movement class and let’s make music together!

Vita auf Deutsch:
Bachelor (Skidmore College) und Master (Ithaca College) im klassischen Gesang mit Aufbaustudium am Richard-Strauss-Konservatorium München. Seit 2008 sowohl freiberufliche Sängerin als auch Musikpädagogin an verschiedenen Münchener Kindergärten und Krippen.
Fortbildung »Rasselbande« 2021 am Freien Musikzentrum.


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