About Julia

Julia Chalfin
Photo by Christoph Chalfin

Passion for music and for teaching

By day I am an elementary music educator and voice teacher. By night I am a professional singer, performing and producing classical concerts.

I have always been passionate about music. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania in a Waldorf School curriculum, I sang, played instruments, acted and danced as much as possible. From a very young age I knew I had found my calling and decided to study music at the university level. I received both a bachlor’s degree in music and a master’s diploma in vocal performance. I moved to Munich, Germany in 2006 to pursue my passion for classical music in a postgraduate program. Parallel to my own performance career, I have built an exhilarating career teaching the very young to explore and express themselves through music. I love sharing my knowledge and passion with my tiny yet energetic students.

I have been teaching music education in Munich since 2008 both in English and in German. Now, a mother myself, I want to help other parents experience the awe and excitement of music through their children’s eyes.
Join me for a Music Time class and let’s make music together!

You can find out more about my performance career at: www.juliachalfin.com

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