Music Time – Family!

Kids music that adults can enjoy!
Adult music that kids can enjoy! 
Music for the whole family! 
Music is a celebration of communication and part of the foundation of language. We will strengthen your family’s ability to both listen, respond, create and above all have fun and be silly with each other. Creating music together strengthens the child/parent bond even more deeply and forges exciting paths for communication for the entire family.  
We will sing songs, play instruments, read books with musical elements and dance to music. 
Classes are designed for families with the focus on participating together and learning together. The goal is to help you enjoy even more music and games at home. 
Moms and Dads with 1-5 year olds – mixed ages, siblings welcome! 
When and Where:
Currently this class is not being offered. If you would like to be put on a waiting list, please contact me.
Telephone: 01577 977 0326